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Here is my pitch:

I currently blog about Wearable Technology, and have been working on building the fashion tech scene in the U.K. My background is working in fashion design, marketing, manufacturing and technology, check out my Linkedin profile

I have been searching for the “golden” product of what will bring Wearable Technology into the fashion apparel market, making a product that is attractive and fashionable. I believe the answer is “conductive fabrics” woven into threads to create beautiful surface embroidery that can light-up, these threads can also be made touch sensitive to control the lights or attached to other products such as mini camera. See my blog post for visual examples –

Currently the wearable technology market is based around a single product, a pair of glasses, a watch, a necklace, if it is in clothing is for practical reasons to monitor heart-rate for fitness. For wearable technology to working in the fashion apparel market it needs to be integrated easily into fashion garments and current manufacturing processes.

Conductive threads are no different from ordinary threads and can easily be embroidered onto existing fashion garments to create a light-up garment that is on trend. The result is a subtle yet unique, interactive fashion apparel garment that is easy, cheap to manufacture and the first step to the fashion consumer wearing wearable technology without looking like a Jetsons reject. To prove confidence in this idea Google are currently working on a project called Jacquard where conductive fibres will be woven into Levi jeans to control mobile phones, Top-shop could follow suit and be pioneer in this area too.

Tech Fashion Week Manchester 2016


Are you a Wearable Technology designer wanting to showcase at Manchester’s Fashion Tech Week 2016?

Manchester U.K is the home of pioneering music and design, the future of fashion is Wearable Technology.  If you are a student, independent designer or a established company with an interest in Wearable Technology, please show your interest in working with me by contacting Collette Costello @fashionrobots.

Wearable Technology Talks Manchester


Collette Costello – Wearable Technology expert based in Manchester U.K

Wearable Technology is an area that interests me greatly, I have spent recent years researching developments in this area as seen on this blog and my Twitter feed.  If you are holding a digital, technology event and would like me to discuss the future of this pioneering area please contact me @fashionrobots.

Smart Fabrics Future of Wearables?

An article featured in the Wired this month predicts that smart fabrics not attached wearable objects such as wristbands will be the future of wearable technology and I completely agree.  My blog is full of examples of how technology can be integrated into fabrics and this technology just needs applying to clothing as Google have started to do with project Jacquard, touch sensitive fabric that is now being combined with Levi jeans.


Manchester Wearable Technology Scene

A fashion designer from Manchester U.K, I became interested in Wearable Technology a few years ago and started blogging about developments in this area.  Keen to network I have been keeping a watch on the “Wearable Technology” scene in Manchester and have found a distinct gap in the market to be filled.  Whilst in London big names such as Cute Circuit are making a big impact on the market in Manchester only a few solitary figures are making waves in the area such as Made by Glove, it will interesting to see how this area develops over the next few years and who is the first big name designer to come from the north west to have success in this area.